Gas Compressor Service Engineering

We are available worldwide to help you in field service assistance with, original equipment. We are very proud of its equipment. Periodic maintenance, according to our maintenance schedules and recommendations, ensure the reliability and availability of our gas compressors. Periodic maintenance prevents unscheduled shutdowns and increases life of the installation, reducing life cycle costs. Following service activities are available from our after sales program:

- Spare parts
- Field service team
- Service contracts
- Training courses
- Remote Monitoring 

Spare parts
We inventory a large selection of operational spare parts for immediate delivery. Preventive maintenance kits contain all the necessary replacement parts for a specific scheduled maintenance period. The content of each kit is carefully defined to ensure quick replacement.
Refurbished spare parts are an economical alternative to new spare parts. The old part simply needs to be returned after installation of the new part and a team of specialists will refurbish the part for re-use, should this be technically feasible

Field service team

Whether customers need emergency service or wish to have preventative maintenance performed, our specialized engineers are on stand-by to give full technical assistance and after-sales service. Our Service Team is available to support Customers on a 24/7 basis. Calls are forwarded to the correct party for immediate service. Specialists of the Field Service Team can assist you with the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of the equipment, any operational issues, on-site inspection, and overhauling and repairing of our products. These services can be performed on a scheduled basis or also in case of unscheduled emergency intervention.

Typical services include:

24-hour service coverage
On-site troubleshooting
Start up and commissioning
Preventive maintenance
Electrical, mechanical and controls support 

Training courses
Our organization stands ready to provide a complete suite of training solutions. These can either be standard and/or customized to meet all your operational and maintenance needs. Improved performances and reliability, lower maintenance costs, and improved process operations are just some of the benefits you can achieve when your personnel is trained. Our Technical instructors are dedicated to providing the highest quality Training.

Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring System enhances our capability to support our customers. This system enables ENERPROJECT, from its headquarters, to monitor operating conditions of the equipment. 




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