About us

BerNouilli Company Limited was founded in 2006.

Our objectives are to fulfill the requirements and achieve the mission of Company group in different technical and commercial aspects by pro viding all the high quality parts and services to target Industry with our active and experienced staff. We specialize in engineering devices as Boiler Gas Compressor, Pressure Vessel, Desu perheater, Controls Valve, Turbine Bypass Valves, Steam Conditioning, Pressure Relief Valves, Combustion & Environmental Analyzer

Bernouilli is an industrial leading provider of quality products and services. The principal business activities are related to Technical service, Supplying, Consulting & Engineering, Installation, After-sales services. BerNouilli is recognized as a leading solutions company providing value-added services including 100% Customer satisfaction. Our associates have extensive knowledge and a thorough understanding of our customer’s process and business drivers.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide innovative solutions, creating value for our customers and our team. We will maintain a safe, ethical, creative and collaborative workplace for our team and personal accomplishment.

Our Vision 
Our vision is “Committed to developing organization is a leading provider of high quality products to meet the needs of customers and to maximize customer satisfaction”

Our Values
Customers – We exceed expectations by providing quality products and services and work ethic.
Team – We recognize and encourage the good work ethic, creativity, teamwork and spirit of our team.
Integrity and Ethics – We act ethically in our dealing with others.
Quality – We deliver excellence in our products, services and work ethic.
Suppliers – We involve our suppliers in continuous improvement processes.

Problem Solving
When customers call on BerNouilli, they want solutions. It could be a matter of finding the right product, if a product we have is almost the answer, we will modify it until it answer the need exactly. 

Within BerNouilli, we have the ability to solve problems that range from simple to complex. Dedicated team can design, complete with equipment, instrumentation and control system. We have made considerable investments in engineering facilities and field support operations. These facilities and the capable and the talented team, who operate them, give BerNouilli a distinct competitive edge. To ensure customer’s on-going success, BerNouilli is a leading provider of controls system that keeps wells under a wide range of conditions and industries.

Keys to Success
Synergy valve business and our existing goodwill.
Maintain good order and good relationship with existing customers.
Deal on yearly contract.
Actively participate in new projects.
Penetrate and expand into new areas.
Identify additional products to support future growth and offer greater flexibility part.  
Continue to develop engineering and services capability.
Improve regularly knowledge & skill of team.

The solution to drive us
As we have added to our capabilities and solved problems for our customers. Now we have formalized this natural alignment, placing the products and services we offer within categories of solutions. This presents our offerings in a manner that is logical to our customers and our own team.

Our competitive edge is our positioning as a strategically with our customers, who are partners more than customers. By building a business based on long-standing relationships with satisfied customers, we simultaneously build defenses against competition. The longer the relationship stands, the more we help our customers understand what we offer them and why they need it.

This is a serious barrier to entry of new competition. People in our market segment want to know about the venders market. They want to be able to trust their venders, trust their brand names.

Emphasize quality, performance and reliability service and support. We must differential ourselves from the others. We need to establish our business offering a clear and viable alternative for our target market, to the price-only kind of buying. 

Build a relationship-oriented business. Build long-term relationships with customers. Become their partner department, not just a vendor. Make them understand the value of the relationship. Focus on Training and Development. We need to train and transfer knowledge to our team and customers.



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