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  Steam & Water Analysis System

We have designed our Steam and Water Analysis System (SWAS), to keep you in power. SWAS assures safety of your boiler and turbines, by taking along and analyzing up to a dozen samples from all your water and steam circuits. In today’s supercritical power plants, sample conditions as high as 600 Degree C and 300 bars are quite common. Our SWAS can easily take care of these samples. To protect your equipment our SWAS work in two stage;

1. Sample Conditioning
First section of any SWAS is the Sample conditioning section or wet panel
First cooled in Sample Coolers, de-pressurized in pressure regulators and then fed to various analyzer while keeping the flow characteristic constant by mean of Back Pressure Regulating device. There are lots of safety equipment provided in wet panels, so that the operators feel safe while working with these systems.

2. Sample Analysis

pH Analyzer
pH : The steam which goes to the turbines has to be ultra pure. The pH value of the feed water gives direct indication of alkalinity or acidity of this water. The ultra pure water has pH value of 7. In a steam circuit; it is normal practice to keep the pH value of feed water at slight alkaline levels. This helps in preventing the corrosion of pipe work and other equipment. Typically dedicated pH Analyzers are recommended at following location in a steam circuit: high pressure heaters, DM make-up mater, condensate extraction pump discharge.

Conductivity Analyzer
Conductivity :  Conductivity is an important parameter for detecting any contamination of steam in the boiler circuit. Conductivity of pure water is almost (1-2 µ Siemens. Ingress of any kind of dissolved impurity will raise conductivity instantly. Thus conductivity is an important parameter for the detection of leakages.

Typical points in the steam circuuit where conductivity should be monitored are:superheated steam,drum water,high pressure heaters, low pressure heaters, condenser, plant effluent, D.M. plant make-up water to D.M. plant.





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